Communication is the first episode of Blockhead. In it, we meet the two characters that will become the key people in the Blockhead series. Blockhead and his Conscience. It was first submitted to Newgrounds by Michael Swain on the 25th of September 2005, where it has become a success. As of February 2010 it has over 462K views and a score of 4.36/5.


The cartoon opens with Blockhead's Conscience asking him, "You're just gonna sit there aren't you?" Blockhead says, "This show is boring." The Conscience replies by telling him there's nothing on and we see a blank TV screen. Blockhead says, "Make it work please!". Then, Conscience tells him to call the cable company. Blockhead makes the Conscience angry by being stupid. Conscience(with shame) tells Blockhead to see who's at the door. Then a "The End" comes in from the Door.


  • We learn Blockhead's lived at his house for 15 years and never payed for cable
  • We learn just how stupid Blockhead is.