Field Trip is the sixth episode of Blockhead.


The Cartoon Opens at a dentist. Blockhead,being the next patient, comes in on his tricycle. Blockhead takes a seat in the chair. Then, The dentist gets some tools and blockhead eats them. So he tries it again. Blockhead makes a noise (Mouf) and The dentist asks what he said. Blockhead says he said "Mouf". Then Blockhead says "Rufio" and the Dentist asks if he said Mouf. And Blockhead said Rufio. Blockhead yells Peter Pan and the Fan falls. Blockhead is at home watching TV and him(as some hot shot) appears. Of course, Conscience comes in and it's Blockhead imagination. Conscience tells him it'll never happen. Blockhead tells him he can't keep him away from his dreams. Conscience tells him his mouth hurts his brain. Blockhead tells him he's forgetting who's #1. Conscience suggests they go on a field trip. So they go on one, to the mall. Conscience makes him promise not to make him mad. Then Blockhead passes the TV station. Blockhead goes to a fast food restaurant and orders "That" with "Those" (Tongs). The cashier tells him if he wanted Tongs why didn't he say so. Blockhead gets on a ledge and says stuff. Then he eats a Lady's hat. Then a whole crowd comes talking randomly.


  • The Show that was on the TV station is reused from Distraction
  • When Blockhead eats the Lady's hat, he looks like Pac Man.
  • This is the first appearance of Blockhead's Tricycle.
  • We learn Blockhead's full name is "Sir Autable Wamsley Blockhead The III esciure MD"