The Ghostmas Song is a song that Blockhead made up for his made up holiday, Ghostmas. The first and only known performance of the song is in episode eight, Ghostmas (episode)


Once upon a time In winterlands of snow There was a little town Of fifty folks or so but monsters were around a million years ago but they were not afraid 'cuz they all had Ghostmas Day!

On every other night they never made a sound When the singing birds went quiet and the sun went down Scary bats and pirates came out from the ground But they told them go away and don't come back It's Ghostmas Day!

Never wait a moment when you share your love below the shiny sparkly stars alight above! but what you feel inside is not just love persay, 'cause everyone is one on Ghostmas Day!

So give a little gift to everyone you knew And if you have a pumpkin They might like that too. And although you may scare them, They won't go away. Because we all love on Ghostmas Day!