Guests is the fourth episode of Blockhead. Blockhead celebrates his New Holiday Ghostmas.


The Cartoon Opens with a guy at the Psychiatric and Blockhead comes in and interferes and wrecks everything. Then Blockhead is spray painting his house, decorating for a certain holiday. The Conscience asks what he's doing. Blockhead says he's getting ready for candy day."What?" says Conscience."Toilet Paper Day" says Blockhead. Conscience notices he's talking about Halloween,in Mid January. Blockhead turns out to be "The #1 Guy" for Halloween. then a guy comes to Blockhead's door, Blockhead throws Tongs at him as a "Treat". Blockhead asks if Conscience is his Conscience. Blockhead thought all this time he was a Fat old man, in which he is, It turns out, he's that because Blockhead wanted him to be like that. Then Blockhead's neighbor comes to his door and demands he apologize to the first guy that came to the door. Blockhead then slaps her with his tongue and closes the door. Blockhead says it has been a Very successful Ghostmas. Then Blockhead asks conscience "what an ingest" and eats some Tongs. Blockhead goes Door to Door Ghostmasing.


  • This is the First Ghostmas Special
  • This is the first time Blockhead does his spitting fizzle attack.


Blockhead episode 4

Blockhead episode 4