Home Shopping is the second episode of Blockhead. Michael Swain submitted it to Newgrounds in 2005. It was better received than the first episode, communication, earning Michael the first of many awards- a Daily 4th, for this one. Blockhead expresses a love for tongs and tries to order them-


The cartoon opens with Blockhead helping The Old Lady cross the street. Blockhead distracts himself by licking a yield sign and claims it tastes like dirt. The Old Lady mishears this as "The Light is Green?" and she walks into the street and gets run over. Then Blockhead's at home watching a Tongs commercial and calls to purchase a pair ("Hi, I want one of those things on the picture box, YEAH!"). Then The Conscience comes in and asks why Blockhead is thrilled. Blockhead tells him someone left a message for him and spits a raspberry at him. The Conscience talks about Blockhead's stupidity and then Blockhead goes into the kitchen for snack time for his "Face mouth". Blockhead looks into the Fridge and finds "Milk, Fish, Bread, Delicious Jello" (A watermelon, a boot, a cinder block, and a knife) and says that's hungry food and needs champion food. Then Blockhead eats a Toaster. Then the mailman comes and gives Blockhead his package, which turns out to be a "Little Mousey".


  • This is the first appearance of The Old Lady
  • This is the first time Blockhead says "Toot Toot"
  • On Blockhead's fridge, you see a graded paper that says "D-", perhaps Blockhead Goes to school.
  • This is the first appearance of Tongs.


Blockhead episode 2

Blockhead episode 2