Imagination is the seventh episode of Blockhead.


The Cartoon opens at court. Blockhead interupts the counceler's statement. Blockhead is a home sneaking by and Conscience catches him. He asks what he was doing. Blockhead says "The Trill of the Hunt". Then he asks what he did earlier. Blockhead went to the park, no one died. He went to the park and watched the birds, then he saw a vendor man and had a tasty Hotdog, then he went to the little boy's room. Conscience denies that and Blockhead tells it again. He threw Tongs at the birds, he gave those rascals a piece of his mind, he talked to the vendor man about politics, then he flushed all the potties and had a water carnival. Conscience is a little more believed in that but doesn't yet. He threw rocks at birds, they gave him the "Evil Eye" and they got a stoney revenge, then he put scorpions in vendor man's food cart and squeezed lemon in his eye face, then after fighting a storm he had a toast with a laboratory goblin, RAINBOW. Conscience felt like squeezing life out of Blockhead. He chased birds, he pushed vendor man's cart down, and he signed the head of Hobo, king of toilet land. Then the Hobo comes out of the fridge and Blockhead tells him to get back in.


  • We have no Idea what happened in the kitchen.